Freedom Wheels Customised Bikes


Children with disabilities are currently being given the chance to experience something most of us take for granted – the joy of riding a bicycle - when FREEDOM WHEELS® makes a stop in Canberra again.

Set to bring a smile to the faces of several children, the FREEDOM WHEELS Modified Bike Service customises standard pushbikes to give a new kind of independence to children with disabilities by allowing them to ride a bicycle for the first time.

FREEDOM WHEELS is a joint undertaking between TADNSW and TADACT, where children in the ACT and surrounding regions are individually assessed at a bike clinic.

This assessment process ensures that each child receives a bicycle that is perfectly suited to his or her age, height, weight and physical ability.

Some of the modifications include stabiliser wheels, postural supports, belts, foot cups, towbars and modified handlebars, which all help the rider remain stable and supported while they ride. It is the first step towards giving children with disabilities a newfound freedom.

We ask that if you are interested in attending the next FREEDOM WHEELS clinic in Canberra, that you please register your interest with TADACT.

Phone: (02) 6287 4290